Preventing illness and disease in your pets is not only is it better for your pet, it’s also less costly for you. While we can’t prevent all disease and accidents there is much we can do through vaccinations, microchipping, neutering, nutrition, weight loss and annual health checks. With senior pets, and those breeds more suseptible to health issues we may recommend more frequent checkups for their schedule.

At Ourimbah Vet Hospital we are committed to ensuring your pet has the healthiest and happiest life possible. Routine checkups allow us to build a picture of your pets health over time. This inturn gives us a better change us to recognise potential problems before they start to affect your pet’s health and lifstyle. When doing your routine checkups be sure to mention anyhitng you as the owner see thats different in your pets behaviours also. As the owner your are also on the frontline to your pets health. And we are always happy to answer questions, we are here to support owners as well at your pets.


Cats and dogs are succeptible to a number of diseases and disorders that are preventable through regular vaccination.

Heartworm prevention

Heartworm ( Dirofilaria immitis) is a parasite that infects dogs ( and rarely cats). The disease is spread from


Dogs and cats can be infected with ROUNDWORMS, HOOKWORMS, WHIPWORMS, AND

Tick control

Read the article below to understand ticks a little better and find out how to best prevent ticks effecting your pet

Flea control

Like all parasites, fleas need another animal to live off. For the common household flea, dogs and cats are its preferred host.


Unless you intend to breed your pet in a responsible and controlled manner we suggest having your dog or cat.


A collar and tag can be an easy way for a neighbour or police officer or ranger

Dental health

Dental disease is the most commonly diagnosed disease in cats and dogs

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