Our Kitten Adoption Program enables us to find homes for stray and unwanted kittens on the Central Coast. There are many reasons why these kittens end up here at our practice. People from the community may relinquish their own kitten or in fact a whole litter of unwanted kittens. Whatever the reason they end up here with us and all of the kittens are lovingly cared for when they arrive.

Each kitten has a health check by one of the vets and is given their first vaccination. They are also desexed, microchipped, as well as being up to date with worming, flea and tick prevention. If you are interested in adopting one of our kittens our nurses are able to ensure that the right match is made, however if it doesn’t work out for whatever reason we will exchange or refund the kitten within a 2 week period.

When you adopt a kitten you are making a long term decision. Cats can live to 20 years if provided with a loving caring home. Kittens have certain requirements including providing a balanced and nutritious diet which you will need to change to an adult formula after the age of 6 months.

Your kitten needs a course of vaccinations to protect it against nasty diseases which you will need to continue throughout its adult life. Routine flea and worm medication must be given also.

Kittens cost $190, which includes the kitten’s 1st vaccination, desexing, microchipping, and they will have had a flea and worm medication applied which lasts for 1 month.

Contact us today to adopt one of our lovely kittens!!

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