Puppies & Kittens

Bring a new puppy or kitten home is an exciting but there there are also many responibilities! We recommend an initial consultation to inspect your new friend and provide time to discuss any questions you may have about your new pet. We will guide you throught the recommended vaccination schedules and other recommendations like Puppy School if you have purchased a dog. Congratulations if you have bought a new pet, have a browse of our pet articles and we look forward to meeting your new family member soon.

Puppy Preschool
Kitten Adoption Program


Dental disease is a common problem in dogs and cats. Studies have shown that almost 4 out of 5 dogs and that at least 1 out of every 3 cats have dental disease. Your vet will typically examine dental health annually. Here are some signs they look for.

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Surgeries can do much to maintain your pet’s health. For example, pets that are spayed or neutered generally have a longer life-expectancy. If you have a routine or other surgery speak with our vets to what options are available to you.

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Ourimbah Veterinary Hospital is certified to perform PennHIP radiographs. Dr Scott Tweedie significcant experience for this procedure, and we recommend PennHIP as the preferred technique for investigation and screening for hip dysplasia.

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Animal Export

The team at Ourimbah Veterinary Hospital can assist you with meeting the veterinary requirements for your pet when travelling overseas.

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Preventative Health Care

Preventative care is is a frontline health strategy for your pet . Preventing illnesses is much simpler than treating health concerns. Vaccinations are key to offer immmunity to common diseases. Some vaccines will require an annual booster. For most pets an annual checkup will be sufficient. This can help to pick up conditions that you may not have noticed at home. Usually the sooner treatment begins the better the outcome.

Flea control
Heartworm prevention
Tick control
Dental health


We have a dedicated team of experienced veterinarian’s and support staff who genuinely care for your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Our hospital and team are fully equipped to investigate, diagnose and treat your pet’s illness.

Our onsite facilities include:

Digital Radiology
Onsite Laboratory
Small animal operating theatre
Separate cat and dog wards
Large animal ward
Equine operating theatre
Isolation ward

Boarding Kennels

Runs are equipped with trampoline beds, blankets and are tended to twice a day, 7 days a week. We feed Royal Canin premium food.

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Boarding Cattery

For our feline guests, the cat boarding runs have large floor to ceiling areas and are available with double gates on entry for security.

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