The decision to purchase a new horse can be a long process, and usually once you find ‘the one’, you are hoping for a long trouble free time with your horse. As part of the decision making process a pre purchase examination by an experienced equine veterinarian is recommended.

A pre purchase exam is designed as a risk assessment for the purchase of the horse. After discussing the intended use for the horse with the purchaser and examining the horse the veterinarian will discuss the findings and provide an opinion on the suitability of the horse for its intended use.  The veterinarian does NOT pass or fail the horse. The examination and recommendations are made based on findings at the time of examination and are not a warranty that problems will not occur in the future. A written report of the examination is usually supplied.

Equine Veterinarians Australia have a standardized guide available for pre-purchase examination of horses. The examination is divided into 5 parts and will usually take 1 to 2 hours to perform and document. The examination includes

  • A brief history of the horse (to be provided by the seller).
  • Identification of the horse by markings, brands and microchip.
  • A physical examination of the horse (eyes, teeth, heart and lung auscultation, skin examination, basic conformation).
  • Lameness examination both led in hand and when lunged or ridden, including basic flexion tests.
  • Examination in the period after exercise.

Other tests that may be performed include

  • Xrays
  • Ultrasound examination of tendons and ligament
  • Upper respiratory tract endoscope
  • Reproductive ultrasound and tests
  • Blood tests
  • Drug detection tests (urine or blood)

These tests may be requested by the purchaser at the time of initial consultation with the veterinarian or may be discussed at the time of examination if a point of concern such as a swollen joint or tendon is noted. . It should be noted that the report and information is provided to the purchaser and unless permission is given by the purchaser the veterinarian may not discuss the findings with the seller of the horse.

If you are intending to purchase a horse on the Central Coast, please contact us to book in the exam or for further information. We are happy to answer any questions you may have prior to the examination.

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