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Central Coast Horse Hospital comprises a team of experienced equine and mixed animal clinicians, dedicated to providing the best care for your horses.

The size of horses compared to small animals can make working up a medical case just a little more challenging. Fortunately the vets at Central Coast Horse Hospital (based at Ourimbah Veterinary Hospital) have a range of techniques available to help diagnose problems in our patients. We are able to perform a range of procedures on your property, but if required we are able to examine your horse in our safe, substantially indoor facility at the hospital. We also have stabling available for patients if required.

In house blood testing machines:

Used for urgent and basic blood screening procedures. These machines mean we can have results within a few hours of seeing your horse.

External laboratory Services:

For more specialised testing we utilize the services of several external laboratory services. The pathology services offer regular pickups from Ourimbah and the results of many  tests are available the next day. Specialist pathologists are involved in examination of samples and are available for discussion of results with our vets.

Digital radiography:

Although perhaps more often utilized for lameness examination, our digital radiography system may be used for chest examination in foals, or for radiography of areas such as the head and neck and limbs in adult horses.


We have both portable (for on property use) and non portable ultrasound machines available for use, with probes suitable for reproductive examination, tendon examination and ultrasonography of the chest or abdomen of horses.

Portable endoscope:

Most commonly used for examination of the upper respiratory tract of horses.

Indoor crush:

This allows us to perform procedures such as rectal examination, ultrasonography, endoscopy, abdominocentesis or standing surgeries in an area designed to maximise the safety of the patient and their handlers.

Hospitalisation facilities:

We have rubber floored stables available where patients may be stabled if required for procedures such as in-patient monitoring, intravenous fluid therapy or wound care.

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