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Obesity and weightloss

Obesity is one of the most common nutritional disorders seen in both cats and dogs. Animals that are overweight are predisposed to a range of health problems, including: Diabetes. Cardiovascular disease (heart disease). Degenerative joint and orthopedic disease (including

Winnie’s Troubles!

Winnie is a bit of a favourite at our clinic and also wins herself the tag as one of our naughtiest patients! She often calls into the veterinary hospital for a quick cuddle with our staff, ideally when she is

Ear Issues

Ear infections also called ‘otitis’ are a common and chronic problem we see in our K9 and feline friends. It can be a painful and distressing ordeal for both pets and their humans. An ear infection generally begins with an

The Rescue of the Never Pups

What a mammoth rescue effort by our Team H2H doggy angels. Never have we been asked to help with, nor attempted to help with such a big rescue, let alone entirely on our own. The ‘Never pup’ rescue….. On Christmas

Australian Stringhalt in Horses

Stringhalt is characterised by a change in hind leg gait where there is exaggerated flexion of the hind legs when moving. Either a single or both legs are affected. Occasionally the front legs or other parts of the body may

Get Flea Ridding NOT Flea Ridden

One day you’re playing peacefully on the rug with your kids and fur kids then seemingly the next day you’re all being eaten alive wherever you turn, there’s no escaping it- the itchiness is driving you and your pets crazy!

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