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Rabbit Calicivirus Disease

It’s been a concerning time for rabbit owners over past few weeks and rightly so! There has been a rush to get rabbit vaccinations up to date in time for the early March release of RHDV1 - K5- a strain

Central Coast Hendra Virus Update

The diagnosis of another Hendra virus case near Beenleigh recently, and the reported potential exposure of 4 people to the affected horse, supports the possibility that Hendra Virus is likely to continue be diagnosed in Australia. It is easy to

It’s Winter Prep time!

The time has come to prepare your pet for winter, and it’s oh so easy! The cooler climate affects all animals differently, some of the factors that control their ability to cope are species, breed, age, health and body condition.

The Twelve Considerations of Christmas

1. Food Just the thought of the delicious food to be indulged in is enough to make your mouth water. When it comes into our homes, the smell may give your pet the desire to find it and eat it

Update on Nepal

Some of you may know that my wife Linda and I were in Nepal two years ago when the massive earthquake struck. We saw at first hand the devastation and the effect it had on people in some of the

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