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Winnie’s Troubles!

Winnie is a bit of a favourite at our clinic and also wins herself the tag as one of our naughtiest patients! She often calls into the veterinary hospital for a quick cuddle with our staff, ideally when she is

Why is it so important to desex our pets?

There are so many benefits of desexing that outweigh the concerns about not desexing your pet. We'd like to provide some information on desexing to help you make the right decision for your pet. You may be anxious about the

Intestinal Worms

When we talk of ‘worming’ your pet- what do we mean? Firstly we need to establish there are many different type of worms we routinely prevent/treat in cats and dogs that require different approaches to treatment and prevention. The worms

The Twelve Considerations of Christmas

1. Food Just the thought of the delicious food to be indulged in is enough to make your mouth water. When it comes into our homes, the smell may give your pet the desire to find it and eat it

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