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Update on Nepal

Some of you may know that my wife Linda and I were in Nepal two years ago when the massive earthquake struck. We saw at first hand the devastation and the effect it had on people in some of the

Central Coast Hendra Virus Update

The diagnosis of another Hendra virus case near Beenleigh recently, and the reported potential exposure of 4 people to the affected horse, supports the possibility that Hendra Virus is likely to continue be diagnosed in Australia. It is easy to

Ear Issues

Ear infections also called ‘otitis’ are a common and chronic problem we see in our K9 and feline friends. It can be a painful and distressing ordeal for both pets and their humans. An ear infection generally begins with an

Kennel cough in dogs

Firstly let us clear up a myth - Kennel Cough does not only occur in dogs that reside in or have visited kennels! We get asked on a daily basis if dogs need to be vaccinated against kennel cough. If

Urinary Incontinence in Dogs

Urinary incontinence is a relatively common issue in dogs, especially middle age to older female dogs. There are numerous reasons why dogs may develop incontinence: Neurological problems – lesions in the brain or problems with the nerves that control urinary

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