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Great Off Leash Areas On The Central Coast

Dogs are very social animals. This is why off leash dog areas are an important part of our doggy community. They love to play and interact with other dogs, whilst running out their excess energy, with the added benefit of

Central Coast Hendra Virus Update

The diagnosis of another Hendra virus case near Beenleigh recently, and the reported potential exposure of 4 people to the affected horse, supports the possibility that Hendra Virus is likely to continue be diagnosed in Australia. It is easy to

Australian Stringhalt in Horses

Stringhalt is characterised by a change in hind leg gait where there is exaggerated flexion of the hind legs when moving. Either a single or both legs are affected. Occasionally the front legs or other parts of the body may

The Rescue of the Never Pups

What a mammoth rescue effort by our Team H2H doggy angels. Never have we been asked to help with, nor attempted to help with such a big rescue, let alone entirely on our own. The ‘Never pup’ rescue….. On Christmas

Nala’s Kittens

We are often asked ‘where do your adoption kittens come from?’. There are many reasons these kittens come to be in our adoption program. Quite often they are: stray, saved from wild cat colonies, rescued from less than ideal situations or given

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