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Nutritional Requirements for Senior Pets

There’s no defined line that determines when a pet transitions into their senior years. As a general guide large breed dogs such as the Great Dane may be considered a senior at the age of 5 where smaller breed dogs

Grape toxicity in pets

It’s Easter and let’s be honest, for a couple of weeks before and after many human beings' diet largely consists of the finest chocolate and hot cross buns! Yummy, scrummy, sweet, mouth watering, butter soaked easter buns, hot or cold-

Cat Flu

Your purring little bundle of fluffiness can certainly get runny eyes, a snuffly nose and sneezing just like people - often referred to as Cat flu. Cat flu is often caused by one of two viruses, Feline Herpes Virus (FHV1) or

Nala’s Kittens

We are often asked ‘where do your adoption kittens come from?’. There are many reasons these kittens come to be in our adoption program. Quite often they are: stray, saved from wild cat colonies, rescued from less than ideal situations or given

The Senior Year’s

June and July are the months senior pets receive an extra pampering at Ourimbah Vet! We’re so happy to be able to help you in providing only the very best of care to your pet. Generally speaking, it’s around 8

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