General Farm Services

Central Coast Horse Hospital comprises a team of experienced equine and mixed animal clinicians, dedicated to providing the best care for your horse and farm animals. We offer a full 24 hour emergency service for large animals servicing the Central Coast, NSW


At Central Coast Horse Hospital we offer the complete solution for assisting you with breeding your mare.
Our vets are experienced in follicle and pregnancy testing in mares, including achieving pregnancy in ‘harder to get in foal’ mares.

Breeding Horses

Mares are usually considered seasonal breeders, that is they will usually show oestrus (‘in season’) behaviour in the warmer spring/summer months. ‘In season’ behaviour may include: increased attachment to other horses, increased whinnying to other horses, squatting and urination at the approach of other horses, ‘winking’ of her vulva when approached by other horses. This behaviour usually lasts for about 5 days.

Pregnancy Diagnosis

Pregnancy testing is commonly performed at 14, 30 and 45 days post ovulation. For mares where an ovulation check has not been performed a rough guide for the first pregnancy test is 15-16 days after the last service.