Chinese New Year welcomes the year of the pig!

We love pigs at Ourimbah Vet and think they make awesome pets!

Did you know pigs are very intelligent and can be trained similarly to our canine friends?!

They can be toilet trained, leash trained, learn to come when called and even do tricks! Pet pigs have to be trained properly from the very beginning to avoid unwanted behaviours- as well as being adorable they’re strong willed and oh so stubborn!
Pigs love lots of room to explore and forage, a place nest and shelter. They thrive off human attention and are quite fond of a belly rub and pat. As with most pets- pigs can get bored and become destructive if not provided with lots of mental stimulation.

Have you noticed how pigs dig in the ground with their nose? This instinctive behavior is called ‘rooting’, it’s one of their favourite activities they do in search of food and they do love to eat! The downside of this behaviour is that pristine grass lawns tend to end up somewhat less tidy after a pig spends time there!

Contact your local council!

There are many restrictions and regulations on keeping pigs as pets in NSW especially in suburban neighbourhoods and restrictions may even apply for keeping pigs in rural areas. It will be necessary to contact your local council before deciding on whether you’d like to welcome a pet pig into your home. You will be required to apply for a PIC number from Local Land Services before you move a pig on to your property.

Is a pet pig right for you?

When deciding if a pig is right for your family the same rules apply with all animals- do your research! Only go through a reputable breeder and ideally view the home in which your pig is coming from and definitely view the parents of a piglet before you adopt it – we have heard of people thinking they were buying a miniature pig and watched it grow in excess of 200kg! So whether you have decided on a large or small pig it’s always imperative you do your research first. Pigs have specific dietary requirements, need regular veterinary care and vaccination, require proper housing with room to roam and shelter and lots of love and attention!

For more information on keeping pigs- Click here