Miss Lily is the daintiest of Dachshunds. She has striking features- a dapple coat, one big blue eye, one big brown eye. You can’t help but be drawn to her, and introduce yourself to her, reach out and touch her. As you step closer towards her you can see she’s not overly comfortable so you approach delicately to earn her trust.

You see, Lily came from less than ideal beginnings, she did not get the chance to experience the normal things that most of our canine companions are exposed to in everyday family life.

Luckily for her, in mid 2017, this precious young girl was rescued by an animal welfare organisation then taken into foster care by a Dachshund rescue organisation.

This is where we introduce Rosemary in to Lily’s story. She has a very kind heart especially when it comes to Dachshunds, having been blessed with many throughout her life. The time had come for Rosemary to welcome a new four legged friend into her family and a companion for her current rescue Dachshund Max. Rosemary put in an application online for a female Dachshund through a Dachshund rescue organisation she was familiar with, this particular one had already been adopted out however the rescue contacted her asking her if she’d be interested in adopting Lily- as you can guess her immediate response was YES! So the adoption process began and so did Lily’s new life. After completing her veterinary treatment for dental issues and desexing,  Lily was transferred to a closer welfare organisation then Rosemary went to meet her. Darling little Lily was so uncertain of her surroundings that it took much time and patience to even be able to pick her up and put her in a carry crate to be taken to her new furever home.

Lily’s first few days of her new life…

Rosemary placed Lily in a quiet room and she spent her first night resting in her crate, the second night she would not go near her crate and sat and slept on the lounge for the next few nights. Rosemary gave her all the space and time she needed to get used to her new home however she needed too. Eventually, each night she slowly started to become familiar with her new environment and began to creep into Rosemary’s room running up the doggy ramp onto the bed where Max and Rosemary slept and then off the other side- one night Rosemary caught her and snuggled her under the blanket and she snuggled right in!

Lily’s amazing progress!….

As the days went by, after much time, visits from a behaviourist and persistence by Rosemary, she allowed a harness to be placed on her, which in turn has now allowed Rosemary to pick her up -exciting progress for Lily and Rosemary! A walk for Lily is a challenge for her as the big wide world is something she didn’t get to experience in her first 3 1/2 yrs of life so a car passing, the rustle of the trees and bicycles riding past are not familiar to her- the great news is, slowly but surely Rosemary is gently introducing these to her being able to walk a little further with each outing is a very positive step in Lily’s life! She now comfortably relaxes on the lounge beside her companion Max, she just loves her time on the couch and their company. Rosemary has also been bringing her in to visit us at the hospital for visits, and to develop different ways to assist Lily with her anxiety.

Rosemary knows Lily is so happy and comfortable now in her forever home with her and Max- she does not stop wagging her tail at home- something that was noticeably absent during her first few weeks, she has as an amazing appetite and devours her treats.

Her natural doggy instincts are all intact too, she loves a good bark and knows exactly what to do with a bone!

Her happiest, most favourite place is at night in bed with Max and Rosemary. This is where she is relaxed the most, in the comfort of the cosy bed she rolls over for belly rubs, bathes Max with kisses and snuggles right in all night, she’s in doggy heaven! She absolutely adores her brother Max and he loves her. Rosemary says that her beautiful brother Max has helped Lily to settle in so well. While she knows there is still a long way to go for Lily and she’s already making amazing progress. Lily is happy being free to be able to live her life as she chooses in a safe environment with Max and Rosemary to love and protect her- what a perfect new furever life!