The festive season = many wonderful adventures packed full of everlasting memories with your furry friends. It’s always nice to have a plan and know ahead of time if your pet is definitely welcome to join you when you go out exploring together in public places. Fortunately there are many dog friendly cafes, reserves and beaches all around the Central Coast.

Ways to ensure your outing with your pet is as FUN as possible:

*Always have your pet on a leash unless it is a designated off leash area.
*Don’t forget to take the poop bags and always clean up any messes.
*Make sure your pet is restrained correctly during car travel.
*Make a note to check harnesses, collars and leads regularly as clips and buckles can deteriorate over time      especially if in contact with salt water.
*Apply a pet friendly sunscreen to sun exposed areas on your pets.
*To avoid heat stroke on particularly hot days venture out in the morning or evening hours of the day.
*Check the ground your pet walks on with your bare foot or hand to check there is no risk of burning their paw pads.
*In summer a car can heat up 20-30 degrees hotter than the outside temperature and can reach deadly temperatures in less than 10 minutes NEVER leave an animal unattended in a car.
*Make sure your pet is up to date with vaccinations as they will be visiting areas that many animals have been to before. The diseases we vaccinate against can live in the soil for many years after leaving pets susceptible to catching these diseases if not protected- we recommend a C5 vaccination for dogs and an F3 vaccination for cats.
*If your pet is unwell don’t take them out to an area where they may possibly pass it on to other animals.
*Tick prevention is an absolute must- every pet residing on the Central Coast is at risk of this dreaded parasite 24/7.
*Up to date with flea prevention and intestinal worming as these are readily passed on between animals.
*Watch your pet does not drink excess salt water as ingestion of too much can lead to diarrhoea or salt toxicity.

See the links below for dog friendly places on the Central Coast

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