You may still be able to teach old dogs new tricks, but if you really want to enjoy a relationship with your pets and help them be the best that they can be, it would be good to start them while they’re young. Enrolling your furry pal in puppy preschool will help you encourage positive behaviour, address potential problems, provide opportunities for learning and socializing, and generally create an easier, happier and healthier life for both of you.

Why is early puppy training important – can’t you just train your pup on your own? While DIY training is possible, pet owners who want to ensure their puppies are developing in the best way possible choose to invest in the help of experts. They want to take advantage of the critical 6 to 16 weeks of the puppy’s life, a period when their brains are like sponges that easily absorb all the information and observations they can get around them. This is also the critical age for socialisation which is the main aim of puppy preschool. Taking advantage of this wonderful learning window of opportunity through the right curriculum, expert-approved strategies and a supportive learning environment will have a significant impact on the healthy development and behaviour formation of your pet.

One of the critical components of a well-rounded puppy preschool structure is dog obedience training. Contrary to what some people may mistakenly believe, signing your dog up for training isn’t something you need to do only when you want to correct something in your pet’s behaviour. Rather, formal training should be done even before habits are formed, so that the lessons in socialisation and manners can be effectively instilled into their personality.

Studies may say that people with pets are happier and enjoy less stress in life, but pet owners struggling to care for and manage their pets may find this hard to believe – after all, how can you enjoy life when you’re running after misbehaving puppies, cleaning after their mess every minute and mourning over the valuables they have chewed on or damaged? The right training helps you avoid this daily battle. It allows you to institute a convenient and cost-efficient routine for you and your pet and ensure your puppy is away from accidents and illnesses.

A priceless benefit of investing in dog training is it can allow you to build a better relationship with your pet. Pets that misbehave usually need to be excluded from social situations where they can hurt others or hurt themselves. Training provides them the discipline and self-confidence to be around other pets and other people. When you’re not worried or anxious about your puppy’s behaviour and they are responsive and obedient to you, you’ll find it easier to relax and have fun in their presence, allowing you to get to know them better and form stronger bonds with them.

We run puppy preschool classes here at the hospital. All Central Coast puppy residents are eligible to enrol, so why not give us a call and let us help you and your puppy get started on the right track.