We are often asked ‘where do your adoption kittens come from?’. There are many reasons these kittens come to be in our adoption program. Quite often they are: stray, saved from wild cat colonies, rescued from less than ideal situations or given to us by people who’s cat had an accidental litter and they want to ensure these kittens are given the best possible start. However they come to be in our adoption program there’s no turning back for as soon as they are surrounded by our four walls they are destined to have only the best chance at life.

Let us share with you the journey of a few of our latest kittens waiting for their forever home…


Late last year a worried member of the community brought a lost, young, adult female cat in to us in the hope that we’d be able to reunite her with her owner. Sadly this kitty had no microchip, without this the chances of finding her family are poor. After we’d exhausted all avenues to finding her home and as time went by, it became apparent that her tummy was becoming rounder. Dr Henry then performed an x-ray on her which revealed 5 little spines, this beautiful girl was pregnant! This changed everything. It was essential we make her environment as calm and comfortable as possible for the next few months and preferably not in a veterinary hospital as they’re known to be busy and loud at times!

Our awesome nurse Mel rose to the challenge and fostered her- taking on the massive responsibility of caring for her specific needs until and throughout the birthing process, then also assisting her raise healthy kittens up to the point they were old enough to find their forever homes. So, off Mumma cat went to await the arrival of her kittens with a foster family that included two young kids, Sienna and Noah, to play with and care for her. Mel created a ‘safe haven’ for her in the bathroom complete with comfy bedding and everything else she could ever need.

The newly named Nala adored Mel’s family instantly, she wasn’t bothered by Daisy the dog and it only took a couple of days for her to warm to Mel’s other cat Ninja.

The weeks passed and her tummy grew gigantic! Then, on the 15th of January at 5.55pm Mel noticed Nala hiding in her cat tent and realised a kitten had been born, the second baby arrived at 6.15pm and so on until there were 5 healthy babies- 2 males and 3 females. Nala was a champion and Mel only had to intervene when the 5th kitten arrived as Nala was very tired by this stage and so was the kitten. It took much coaxing to finally get him feeding off mum. Luckily the whole birthing process went smoothly. From the get go Nala cared for her babies like a pro in an ideal environment.

By day 2 all of the kittens had names! The girls are Hearts, Ruby and Snowy. The boys are Rocky and Tiny.


Nala moved all the kittens to the place she felt was most suitable, in the open office area in full view, clearly Nala felt safe and secure! Every one was involved in the huge responsibility of raising the kittens. Their weaning started around 4 weeks of age. When they reached a suitable weight they were brought in to us for desexing then taken back to Mel’s for some R&R. Mel then knew the time had come for the kittens to move into our vet in seek of their forever families.

Nala has since been desexed and adopted by Mel who was so heart broken at having to let the kittens go she also made the decision adopt one of Nala’s kittens, Snowy- foster fail x 2- but they couldn’t have landed in a better home!! Two bothers, Rocky and Tiny, have also found their forever home with two human brothers- the perfect match!

We still have Hearts and Ruby plus other kittens longing for a place to call home.

Our staff at Ourimbah Vet have welcomed many of our kittens into their families over the years and if we could we’d open our doors to more.

The current kitten adoptees by staff are-

Nurse Mel with Nala and Snowy
Dr Annabelle is a slave to Hilde and Felix’s needs!!
Nurse Bindi with Elory and Ragnar
Nurse Sara with Shyla
Dr Henry with Allicat
Nurse Kerry with Huckleberry
Dr Chris with Mindy

We also have to mention all of our beautiful rescue animals from all different backgrounds that now bless our homes!

Ourimbah Vet adoption kittens, before going to their forever homes are: desexed, microchipped, up to date with their vaccination and intestinal worm treatment plus their flea and tick prevention.

If you’d like to meet our adoption kittens call us on 4362 1644 and we will arrange a time for you to come in and play!