The time has come to prepare your pet for winter, and it’s oh so easy! The cooler climate affects all animals differently, some of the factors that control their ability to cope are species, breed, age, health and body condition.

We have compiled a list of things for you to consider when preparing your pet for the coming months…

Does your pet suffer with Arthritis?

Signs can be difficulty raising from a sleeping or sitting position, reluctance to climb stairs or jump in to the car, guarding or licking a certain area, aggressive or irritable behaviour especially when the sore area is touched. The reason we talk about arthritis more so at this time of year is because it’s particularly aggravated by cold weather. We can diagnose and tailor an action plan now to ease the arthritis pain- there are medications, diets and supplements available to help your pet today!

Keeping your pet active in winter is really important, even for pets with arthritis- it’s vital for their overall healthcare and just as beneficial for humans!

Time to get out their jumpers and jackets- animals feel the cold similarly to humans! A jumper may be beneficial especially if your pet is outdoors, elderly, short coated, small or lean body condition. Don’t have one? Not a problem, we have dog jackets available in stock or for order at Ourimbah vet.

Raised dog beds or rubber mats particularly for the arthritic or older pets- these provide comfort for aching bones. If your pet cannot get up onto a raised bed a rubber mat will do the trick, these types of beds provide a barrier between the cold hard floor and your pets joints. Plus lots of warm and comfy bedding for your pet to snuggle in.

Keep their furry coats long where possible, well groomed and toe nails trimmed. Knotted fur and long nails can cause pain, skin infections and restrict movement.

Although parasites are lower in numbers, they are still a very real threat to your pet. We can not stress enough the importance of continuing on with prevention for paralysis ticks, fleas and heart worm plus their intestinal worming treatment- keep that cycle broken and the parasites at bay!

If your pet will be outside during the cooler months consider the environment they will be in and, where possible, provide plenty of shelter from the cold, wind and rain. Access to a warm sunny area will also be of benefit.

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