Have you ever wondered what breeds make up your mixed breed dog? Now there is a simple affordable blood test available, which can show your dog’s family tree as far back as their Great Grandparents. Knowing your dog’s genetic makeup can help you understand his or her behavior, and assist your veterinarian with disease awareness. Unfortunately certain breeds are more susceptible to certain eye, heart, and joint problems, but these conditions can often times be managed if detected early.

The database was designed using 10,000 samples collected from pure bred dogs all over Australia.  The ADVANCE DNA test can detect up to 200 different breeds, including the Australian Dingo.  Surprisingly, 50% of the Australian Dog population is composed of cross bred dogs, which is higher than any other developed country in the world.

Your results will include a family tree extending back three generations, along with a chapter about each breed, and a page highlighting any diseases of importance for those breeds. There is also an option for a second test to see if your dog actually carries the genes associated with those diseases.

You can access real life examples at www.advancepet.com.au.  For more information or to schedule an appointment please give us a call on 4362 1644.