We’ll cut straight to the chase: the best way to clean your pet’s teeth is with a pet approved toothpaste and toothbrush, daily there’s no better substitute!

This combined with 6 monthly dental checks and routine scale and polish is the best way to keep your pet’s oral health in tip top shape.

In most cases dental disease is preventable. 

Did you know that 80% of cats and dogs over the age of 3 have some form of dental disease?

We can safely say it’s a common issue!

Signs of dental disease:

Smelly breath
Tatar build up
Fractured/ broken teeth
Redness and swelling at the gum line
Unable to chew hard food
Pawing at the face

Training your pet from a young age is the easiest way to get them used to having their teeth regularly cleaned but training an adult pet IS certainly possible. This could be a fun and rewarding time for you to spend with your four legged companion.

Here’s some tips on how to make the process of cleaning your pet’s teeth a success:

*Purchase a pet friendly; finger tooth brush, tooth brush and toothpaste- only use animal approved products as human toothpaste is not suitable.

*It’s best start with short sessions- they only need last couple of minutes and we recommend to start with the finger brush and progress onto the toothbrush when your pet is comfortable.

*Choose a distraction free, calm environment.

*Let your pet explore and smell the brush and toothpaste. You can even put some delicious tasting food on the brush such as tuna to introduce. Touch your pet’s face gently with it, let them lick it. Praising them as they progress.

*Incorporate this time with lifting their lips and touching their teeth with the finger brush- slowly but surely. Never force your pet.

*Ultimately your goal is to be able to lift their lips and brush their teeth in a circular motion- starting at the front incisors around to the canines then up towards the teeth at the back of the mouth. When you have accomplished this and you and your pet are confident move onto the (larger) toothbrush if you haven’t already.

This will take time and patience. Persistence is the key to maintaining their oral health for the long term.

Good news – we offer free dental checks year round at Ourimbah Vet!

We also understand that after many attempts at trying to clean your pet’s teeth it’s just not possible, you’re stressed, your pet is stressed and you feel worse than when you started the whole exercise and in some cases it’s just not safe for your hands to be in a bitey pet’s mouth.

There are many products on the market that may assist with maintaining your pet’s oral health. They all provide certain benefits but it’s recommended they are used in conjunction with brushing pet’s teeth. We also advise you to speak with your veterinarian about which products are suitable for your pet and their oral health.

Products to assist with maintaining a healthy mouth:

Premium quality dental biscuits- they are larger in size and are textured so that when your pet crunches into them the fibres within produce mechanical action of a toothbrush. They generally contain added nutrients to help fight tartar plus overall health maintenance.

Water additives– These are added to their daily drinking water and are formulated to help fight off plaque and tartar and freshen breath

Dental chews- Pet treats that aid in cleaning teeth as they chew plus they contain additives to fight plaque and tartar for a length of time after they’ve finished.

Dental chew toys- Specially designed to clean your pet’s teeth while they chew. They may contain groves, fibres that may get into the hard to reach places.

We have many dental products available on our online shop and at Ourimbah Vet.

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