We reserve the right to refuse admission of any dog without notice or explanation.  This includes but is not limited to a dog(s) showing signs of illness or infectious disease at the time of admission.

You must advise of any known medical conditions prior to acceptance at of your dog.  You must give us your dogs medications to be administered and these medications must be properly labelled by a Veterinarian and securely attached to each medication/s. You must advise us of all required medications and the correct dosage amounts / administration times and storage requirements of the medications to be given.

All dog owners must supply sufficient emergency contact details to our staff on admission. We will not be responsible for outcomes which arise due to our inability to be able to get in contact with a dog owner. If traveling overseas, please ensure that an alternative contact within Australia is provided that is cognisant of your instructions and wishes for the health and well being of your dog.

During the Stay

We take your dog’s health and the health of our other guests very seriously. You must advise us of any illness or injury suffered by your dog, during its lifetime.

We are not able to board diabetic dogs or dogs that require medication at 12 hour intervals on weekends and public holidays

Any dog showing signs of parasite infestation (fleas, intestinal worms, ticks) will be treated and you accept the cost of this treatment.

We are not responsible for the loss or destruction of your dog’s personal items including but not limited to toys, beddings, and collars.

Illness and Emergencies

You give us full authority to provide any treatments or procedures to your dog(s) in the event of sickness, illness, accident, or injury and agree to pay all expenses for the veterinary treatment prior to collection.

In non-urgent cases, we will contact your emergency contact and arrange consultation and treatment at the clinic.

In an emergency situation, we will initiate treatment until your dog is stable. We will then contact your emergency contact and consult with them about treatment options. If your emergency contact is not able to be contacted, treatment will be provided at your expense.

While we aim to provide a safe, stress-free and welcoming home away from home for your dog, you understand and accept that boarding is entirely at your risk. We are not responsible for any ill health, damage or death of your dog including but not limited to where it is caused by paralysis tick, dog flu, FPV or other illness which may occur to your dog during its stay at the dog kennels. We are not responsible for any injuries which may occur to your dog during its stay at the dog kennels.

In the unlikely event of the death of your dog, we will contact your emergency contact and hold your dog’s body for further advice.

You authorise use to release personal information about you that we have collected to the treating veterinarian in the event we need to engage a veterinarian for your dog during its stay.

Fees and Departure

Fees are available by contacting the veterinary hospital.  You should confirm that with us at the time of booking. Our fees are subject to change without notice.

All accounts must be settled before your dog is released back to you. Payment can be made by cash or card (savings or credit options are available).

You agree to pay any and all extra costs at the time of pick-up of your dog(s).  This includes all veterinary costs whether authorised by you or deemed necessary by us.

You acknowledge there is no refund for early pick-up or late drop-off of their dog(s) from us.

You acknowledge that boarding rates are calculated on a nightly basis, irrespective of time of drop-off or pick-up.

If you fail to collect your dog or fail to pay any outstanding charges within 30 days of the agreed pick up date and we are unable to reach you by phone or email contacts provided, the dog is considered abandoned and we have the right to recoup any outstanding costs or rehome the dog in our discretion.

Further we may, after giving notice to you:

  • place the dog(s) in a pound;
  • place the dog(s) in an animal holding facility;
  • sell your dog(s); or
  • find a new owner for the dog(s).

In the event that we are left with little choice and we have to deal with your dog in any of the methods specified above, you release and discharge us from any further duty, responsibility or liability in relation to your dog.

If you do not pay the total of your accounts before departure then the account shall be a liquidated debt and we shall be entitled to add collection charges, interest at the rate of 14% per annum calculated daily and other costs (like solicitors fees) which you indemnify us for.


You can cancel your booking at any time prior to the agreed arrival date.

For peak periods (Christmas, New Year, Easter, school holidays), we may charge a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure the booking.


You agree to allow us to take and use pictures of your dog whilst in our care for the purposes of record keeping, social media and marketing.

We reserve the right to amend, revise or alter these terms at our discretion and without prior notice to owners.

By booking your dog at our facility, you are deemed to have read and agree to the version of these terms current as at the date of making the booking.

You release us against all liabilities, claims, damages or expenses (including any loss, injury, sickness or death) of any dog lodged with us, however caused, including by any negligent act or omission or breach of duty or contract by us or any other person, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

You indemnify us against any liabilities, claims, damages or expenses that we suffer which is caused by your dog.  This might include an aggressive dog which damages other dogs, employees or a member of the public.

You warrant that you are the sole owner of the dog or are authorised by the owner of the dog to enter into this agreement and all information provided to us for the boarding of the dog is complete and accurate. If any material information relating to the dog changes during the duration of its stay with us, you must notify us as soon as possible.

We are not responsible for the loss, damage or destruction of any of dog’s personal items during its stay and we bear no responsibility for any collars, leads, containers or articles left with us.