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Nutrition and Weight control

How to Help My Pet Keep Trim

Is Your Pet Overweight?

25% of cats and dogs seen by a vet are overweight.

Obesity can have a major impact on your pets health and well being. Overweight animals can have a shorter life expectancy, and are more susceptible to developing diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, cardiac and respiratory disease, At Ourimbah Vet Hospital we can work with you to achieve your pets target weight, through incorporation of the Slim Fit program.

The SlimFit programme, developed by Royal Canin enables us to calculate the desired rate of weight loss and to monitor progress. We will be able to determine the ideal target weight and weekly weight loss depending on your pet's age, state of health and physical condition. This tailored diet is an effective means of losing weight safely.

A number of monitoring aids are available to help your pet through a diet smoothly and successfully.
  • A weight monitoring chart
  • Personalised computer-assisted monitoring
  • A nutritional report on your pet
  • Advice on nutrition and basic dietary habits.
Please read through the SlimFit Booklet for more information, and if you would like to start the program, please phone or email us.