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Dog Training

Too many dogs are abandoned and euthanased each year because their owners can no longer tolerate their behaviour. The tragedy is that many of these problems need not arise. Incomplete knowledge of a dog’s natural development, lack of training and inadequate provision of a stimulating and fulfilling life are common causes.

Dogs are extremely intelligent, highly social animals that need exercise, stimulation and social contact. Dogs are not designed to spend their lives alone in back yards.

Ourimbah Veterinary Hospital has a certified dog trainer and behaviour consultant available to come to your home to help put in place a training program to establish basic manners and commands.

Karen Winkle has over 12 years experience with dog training and behavioural problems. The method of training is both positive and gentle ensuring a close bond is established between the dog and the owner. Behavioural assessments for thunderstorm phobia and separation anxiety can be done in clinic.

We also aim to educate the owner on all aspects of living with a dog in the family. ;Understanding how the dog thinks enables us to communicate and educate our pets faster and easier than ever before!

A well trained companion will provide years of joy and prove to be a well adjusted, social pet in society

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